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Connect the device to your computer, install the Stream Deck software and begin customising. On the right hand side of the software you will see your actions. Each action is stored in the respective folder. When you're ready. drag one of the actions onto the key you want to assign it to.

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  • Controlling Power Point with Stream DeckYes, you can control your Power Point presentation using Stream Deck, and AT THE SAME TIME control OBS or other appli.... To use AutoHotkey with Stream Deck, the usual workflow is: Create script to accomplish your desired automation; Assign the script a hotkey (here is documentation) Use the Hotkey action in Stream Deck to trigger that new hotkey from a button on the device; Here is an example of using Autohotkey and Stream Deck to control Powerpoint.. Make sure that your PowerPoint app is NOT minimized. Open your Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), go to "Sources", click on "+" icon and choose "Window Capture". Give it a name and from the next popup's "Window" menu, choose the "powerpoint.exe" app. Once done, you will see the powerpoint slide in the preview area. That's it!. Stream Deck. In this video, we will demonstrate how to set up an Elgato Stream Deck as a live streaming control surface for your favorite software and PTZ camera. Unbox your StreamDeck, and plug it into your computer to provide the unit with power and connectivity. Your computer should recognize the USB connection almost immediately. Creating professional live streams becomes easier when you use Stream Deck with StreamYard. Read the step-by-step guide for better live stream production. .... Mar 08, 2021 · Click the “+” icon by sources to add a new source. Choose the “Display Capture” option and click “Add Source.” If you’ve added a full window display capture before, you can choose it from the list, otherwise click “Add a new source instead” and select your monitor from the list. Adjust the source size as needed to fit your workspace. 4.. Go to your account, select a deck, and open it! You'll see a big pink "Launch an event" button on the top right corner. When you click this, it will start a live, full-screen event (just like a powerpoint or google slides presentation). Display this live event page to your group (eg. "share your screen" on Zoom), and have them join in!. Optimizing Zoom Settings. For these shortcuts to work optimally, there are a few Zoom settings you need to enable: General → Prompt a confirmation before leaving a meeting. General → Advanced Features → Disable Display end-of-meeting experience feedback survey. Video → Turn off my video when joining a meeting. Select this button to activate or deactivate audio monitoring. PUSH TO VOICE CHANGER The magic button: press and hold it to change your voice in real time. MUTE Turn off the microphone in delicate moments. Don't let anyone listen to your secrets. CENSOR BEEP Press to censor your bad language live! MEME SOUNDS Play sounds of the Meme soundboards. Add this URL to the Stream Deck button of choice. Hopefully helpful to new users! This is really an awesome way of using the Stream Deck, as the script is a text document and can be exported/imported, and you only have to change the code in vMix and not on every button in the Stream Deck program.

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    Creating your plugin. The simplest solution to get started and create your own plugin is to: Install one of the sample plugins in the Stream Deck application. Quit the Stream Deck application. Locate the installed plugin in the Finder/Explorer. You should find a folder with the extension .sdPlugin in the Plugins folder..